Ultra-mobile IT transport containers on wheels for the secure storage, charging and sync of your notebooks and tablets.




16 I-Pad/ 10"tablets with charge or sync and WiFi                                                                    20 I-Pad/ 10"tablets with charge or sync and WiFi 





 32 I-Pad/ 10"tablets with charge or Sync                                                                                   32 I-Pad mini / 7"tablets with charge or sync






Einfaches Herausnehmen der Einlage Sauber angeordnete Kabelführung
für die Verkabelung zu jedem Gerät, separat oder zentral geführt  





Ladung der Geräte mit                                   Synchronisation aller Geräte gleichzeitig.     Alle Anschlüsse befinden sich aussen
Originalnetzadapter                                        Anschluss des Mastergerätes aussen          am Koffer (optional mit USB oder HDMI)
                                                                             am Koffer



IT transport containers

Advantages at a glance


  • Ultra-mobile for use indoors or outdoors 
  • Perfect protection for notebooks, netbooks, tablets and smartphones thanks to foam cushions
  • Ventilation slots to allow charging units when the container is closed
  • Compact multifunctional power-plug strip or USB power strip with two circuits for an access point and the notebooks, netbooks,
    tablets or smartphones
  • Access point can be integrated for wireless teaching 
  • Optionally equipped with a lock



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