Notebook carts

Notebook carts

From the compact ecoCart to the larger ateCart, robust metal carts for 12-32 notebooks. Equipped with power strips for charging notebooks as standard.

The tablet and notebook carts are divided into the compact ecoCart and the somewhat larger ateCart.

The devices can be stored lying down or upright in the cart depending on your requirements. The ateCart carts for 12 and 24 notebooks are designed to be fitted with a docking station. The carts are equipped with four high-quality wheels, all of which can all be rotated and two of which can be locked.

There is a door at the front and one at rear, which can be locked separately with three-point locking. The rear locks all have the same key, so that the person responsible can open all the carts with one key. 

A printer, projector, or similar device can be placed on the cart and connected to the external socket on the cart. The non-slip rubber mat and the rims on all sides prevent the devices from sliding off. A fan can optionally be installed on the bottom of all cart models so that the temperature does not rise unnecessarily during heavy use when charging / syncing.

The entire electrical system is installed on the back of the cart, completely separate from the front area. There are storage compartments for the power units to keep everything tidy and manageable. The sequential box switches one power strip on after the other at one-second intervals in order to avoid triggering the main fuse.

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