Tablet and noteboook cases

Tablet and noteboook cases

For storing tablets and notebooks, equipped with two corner castors and a pull-out handle as standard. Charging devices for use with the original power units or via USB chargers are also integrated as standard.

In addition to the more than 150 existing standard designs, we also develop and produce tablet and notebook cases to meet customer requirements. The water jet-cut foam inserts are manufactured to fit exactly. This flexible production process enables us to produce individual solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

The cases have two corner castors as standard and an extendable telescopic handle. Two handles on the two narrow sides make it easy to carry the case from one floor to the next if there is no lift available in the building.

The mobile classroom in a case!

The case has an integrated access point so you always have Wi-Fi available. This makes an actual, stationary computer classroom obsolete!

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